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Lab Grade Chanca Piedra… Where Should You Buy It?

Chanca Piedra

We’ve tested a number of products referring to themselves as chanca piedra. Most of these supplements sold on and other ecommerce sites are either full of fillers, devoid of any chanca piedra, or worse, full of toxic chemicals as they are often grown in unregulated, third world countries, in unsafe conditions, in polluted soil, and treated with toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

Protect your health. Purchase only supplements grown and sourced in the US and those which are lab grade purity and free of high levels of toxic chemicals. Otherwise stick to just plain water, and lots of it.

Two products we’ve found to contain lab grade chanca piedra without high toxicity :

Disolvatol Chanca Piedra
Disolvatol from Kidney Stone Labs
Sourced and bottled in the US.



parcel-100-kpsParcel Chanca-Piedra from Parcel, Inc
Produced and bottled in Austria.